I Saw Your Face


I Saw Your FaceI Saw Your Face
With an intimate, philosophical sense of history, often exploring connections between the Black American experience and African culture. Nearly a decade has passed since the publication of his monumental, illuminating, and moving work, The Middle Passage , winner of the Coretta Scott King Award. Now, I saw Your Face marks a return to the reflective mood of his earlier books: It is an uplifting celebration of the shared survival and strong connections between people of African descent.

This extraordinary selection of drawings that Mr. Feelings sketched over the course of his career-protraits of young people from around the world-are placed in the vivid setting of Kwame Dawes’s lyrical text. Initially inspired by a conversation, the two friends were intrigued by the idea of a book that would explore the history of the African Diaspora as seen simply through faces, and they had been completing the project before Mr. Feelings passed away.

A powerful collaboration from the immensely talented Tom Feelings and the award-winning poet Kwame Dawes, the result is a lovely, moving meditation on how, as wide and far as African peoples have traveled, they remain linked by their common roots.

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