Hold Me to an Island: Caribbean Place

Hold Me to an Island: Caribbean Place


Hold Me to an Island: Caribbean PlaceHold Me to an Island:Caribbean Place: An Anthology of Writing

Exploring the relationships between the Caribbean people and their environment, this anthology brings together poetry, fiction, and other pieces of prose that focus on the Caribbean’s natural and manmade environments with an insider point of view. The writings are divided by relating to various places, including constructed, intimate, and natural ones, in addition to the flora and fauna of the region, which has, in some cases, taken on iconic significance. This collection gives a true insight into both the Caribbean landscape and its corresponding mindscape.

This anthology brings together poetry, fiction and other prose that explores the relationship between Caribbean people and their environment, both man-made and natural. The anthology deals with constructed places such as the plantation, the village and the city, intimate places such as houses and yards, and natural ones such as the sea and wilderness. The last section focuses on the idea of journeying as a matter of personal transformation.

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