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Natural Mysticism Kwame Dawes speaks for all those for whom reggae defines the major experiences of life.  he describes how reggae has been central to his sense of selfhood, his consciousness of place and society in Jamaica, his development as a writer–and why the singer Ken Boothe should be inseparably connected to his discovery…(Read More)


A Far Cry From Plymouth Rock In his book, A Far Cry From Plymouth Rock, Dawes explores, through a series of essays the complicated journey he has taken from a childhood in Ghana to a life of rooting in Jamaica and beyond to the UK to Canada and to the United States.   Plymouth is…(Read More)


Talk Yuh Talk


Talk Yuh Talk The interviews in Talk Yuh Talk reflect a range of Caribbean voices from several generations, from those poets influenced by a dynamic interplay between the popular culture of reggae, calypso, folk music, and “yard” theater to those whose work is closer to classical forms of literature and oral narrative. Kwame Dawes talks…(Read More)


Fugue and Other Writings Combining poetry, short stories, autobiographical essays, and critical writing, this comprehensive collection grants unrivalled access to an individual’s passage through a rural Jamaican childhood, his literary influences, and involvement and frustration with postcolonial politics. In all manners of writing, including pieces that have never seen print before, his range and…(Read More)


Bob Marley-Lyrical Genius A captivating and suitably in-depth analysis of Bob’s poetry, Bob Marley: Lyrical Genius acknowledges his words’ fierce intellectualness alongside their spirit and spirituality, thus at last allowing them to be afforded the same academic-type respect more usually confined to the likes of Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Lou…(Read More)